Improving Transitional Spaces in Starbucks

In a project we where asked to conduct a research on transitional spaces found in Starbucks, a space that we had chosen in to look at in previous…

Scientific & Ethnographic Research on Transitional Spaces

1. Scientific Research In a project dedicated to researching transitional spaces through two lenses, we where asked to study a chosen space through (1) scientific and (2) ethnographic…

Mapping Personal Transitions and Border Crossings

Project Description As part of one of my master program’s courses, “Discovery and Invention”, we addressed questions of transitional spaces. We where asked the question “How can we…


First page of the CMS manual.

CMS Manual

A manual created for our municipality’s web organisation. I project lead the manual’s production toward our graphic design supplier. I also created and structured content and images in…

Taking a picture of myself on a mirror on the ground.


A man with glasses in closeup.


Woman smiling.


Little ear

Logotype for 7av7 blog.

A collaborative art project that was started by me and four of my friends as a channel for artists to post their creative work and ideas. The goal of…

Person's hand, writing on a post-it note.

Master Thesis: Municipal Websites and Participatory Design

My thesis for the Swedish master’s programme “Media and Communication Studies: Culture, Collaborative Media and Creative Industries”. The paper investigates current practices and attitudes of Swedish municipalities toward values…

Page in product, about users.


  I helped Falun Municipality in creating content and structure of the product which was made for our municipality’s web organisation. Design and illustrations: Confetti AB

Artist in garbage bag.

The dress

Dala horse up close.


Young boy blowing a soap bubble.


Banana peel on rail.


Child running next to her dad in museum with large photo of a man in drag in front of her.


Child sitting at kitchen table and looking at screen.


Girls face behind a book with eyes showing.

Falun Library, Creativity and Refugees

There are various reasons to why a person chooses to move to Sweden. Sadly, one of these reasons is the involuntary displacement due to war and persecution in…

Computer animation and website.

In march 2017 was awarded by Internetworld for being amongst Sweden’s top 100 websites. Our placing was amongst the top five municipal websites.   My responsibilities Below…

Woman sitting on a high chair with her hands on her thighs.


Dog looking up.



The End

Wireframe of new intranet.

Municipal Intranet – Pilot Study

In 2014, I was part of a pilot study team for Falun municipality’s intranet. I created wire frames for existing intranet (as a quickfix for existing problems) and…

Photo taken off the report.

Municipal Web – Pilot Study

A study made by me and a small project group, on behalf of the municipal management, in order to investigate how our external website ( could be improved…

Nature’s pricetag


Closeup on hand painting.

Young Culture

Say you, say me


Autumn branches taking their time

Front page of the folder.

Air quality in Falun

Folder about the municipal air.

Dad with child and girl playing the violin.

Abstract book

Between 7-9 September 2011 a unique blend of 400 researchers and practitioners gathered in the People’s House in Falun to lecture , discuss and exchange experiences . All…

Du gamla



Baby sis



Front page of the folder.

Theatre and culture school

Folder for Falun municipality’s theatre and culture school.

Municipal water

Folder about for Falun municipality’s water.

Old door in Falun.



Man smiling and walking among buildings in Falun.


Artist working in studio.


Streets of Falun.

The streets




Old man looking at exhibition on childrens illustrations.

The Child

Nära bilder



ATL cab



Tshirt with political message.

Bachelor Thesis: Speaking through ones T-shirt

Scholars throughout time have devoted their time to research topics such as design and apparels. Each of the topics importance and function has been discussed thoroughly. When I…



Into you



Person smiling and winking.

The flirt

The moon and the stars

Husen berättar