Category: Graphic Design/Print Production

First page of the CMS manual.

CMS Manual

A manual created for our municipality’s web organisation. I project lead the manual’s production toward our graphic design supplier. I also created and structured content and images in…

Page in product, about users.


I helped in project leading the creation of content and structure of this product which was made for our municipality’s web organisation. Design and illustrations: Confetti AB

Front page of the folder.

Air quality in Falun

Folder about the municipal air.

Dad with child and girl playing the violin.

Abstract book

Between 7-9 September 2011 a unique blend of 400 researchers and practitioners gathered in the People’s House in Falun to lecture , discuss and exchange experiences . All…

Front page of the folder.

Theatre and culture school

Folder for Falun municipality’s theatre and culture school.

Municipal water

Folder about for Falun municipality’s water.