Internetworld top 100 logotype.In march 2017 was awarded by Internetworld for being amongst Sweden’s top 100 websites. Our placing was amongst the top five municipal websites.


My responsibilities

Below is a list of my responsibilities as the editor in chief of

  • Editorial responsibility for the website; responsible for overall impression, design and content files, texts, images (mobile and desktop).
  • Responsible to make sure that regulatory documents related to communication, content, publishing, language and graphic design where followed.
  • Evaluating news and intergration with other communications channels.
  • Troubleshooting and checking website quality (broken links, alt-texts, search words and SEO etc.)
  • Templates and design elements.
  • Responsible for routines of processes, such as the creation of content, adding images and forms.
  • Creating and managing a yearly editorial calendar followed by the web organisation.
  • Making sure that the municipal image- and communicationpolicy are followed.
  • Responsibility for digital files, images and their archive in the web content manager.
  • Coordinate and support each subject editor in their editorial work.
  • Continual contact with the municipal contact-center regarding user behaviour.