A study made by me and a small project group, on behalf of the municipal management, in order to investigate how our external website (www.falun.se) could be improved to achieve increased usability, improve transparency and strengthen the democratic accountability and to improve the civil dialogue. The commission was also to develop proposals for a new web organization, clarify responsibilities and roles within the web organization and give recommendations to the following web project.

My main area of investigation in the report was structure, navigation, design and graphic profile where I ensured that information and services were to be designed in an accessible way, based on an international standard for accessibility, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0 ).

I analyzed the websites usability and accessability and offered recommendations on future improvements.

The report, that was followed by a web project, resulted in a new website and web organization in january 2014. We also replaced our Web Content Manager, based on our system requirements.

Full report: Pilot study for municipal web (Swedish)